On behalf of the team at County Asylums we’d like to wish you all a very happy new year.

2018 has been a great year for the county asylum website – we’ve had over 100’000 unique visitors in the past 12 months. A first since we relaunched the site in 2015.? We’ve also answered over 1’000 emails this year!

It doesn’t stop there however! 2019 is going to be another busy and important year for The County Asylum team.

Cefn Coed Remembered

We’ve bbeen busy in Wales over the past 3 years – documenting the closure of both Whitchurch Hospital in 2016 and Cefn Coed Hospital in 2017.? We are deeply indebted to both NHS trusts and both heritage groups, respectively, for helping us document the sites. We?re proud to have helped them understand many aspects of the respective buildings too. ?Over the past two years, in particular, we’ve been helping out with the ABMU Heritage Group whose great work is about to be brought to fruition with the ‘Cefn Coed Remembered’ exhibition at the Swansea Museum from 15th January 2019 through to 9th June.? The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 4:30pm. Admission is free so please if you can get down and support the wonderful efforts of everyone who’s contributed to the exhibition that would be fantastic.

Your Photos – Can you help us?

Since the relaunch of the site in 2015 we’ve continued to add a great deal of additional information to the site – we’ve expanded the original asylum list to include more not covered under the county asylum act and also started work on the Scottish Asylums.?? One thing we can never have enough of though is more photos of each of the sites listed.

Currently we have a great many sites with only one photograph.? Do you have any photos you think would benefit the site?? Many of our emails are people who just want to remember what buildings looked like both inside and out. If you feel you have any thing to contribute please drop us an email at info@countyasylums.co.uk