Here at County Asylums we like creating more work for ourselves!

Not content with creating individual pages for nearly 150 asylums in England & Wales we’ve now started creating dedicated pages for the asylums in Scotland.

The Lunacy (Scotland) Act 1857, and the subsequeny creation of the Scottish Lunacy Board, deemed that there were inadequate facilities to the general public.? Previously there had been a number of Royal Asylums close to the major urban areas.

The act and the board oversaw the rise of a public asylum system in Scotland.? Administration in Scotland was far less stretched with commissioners only dealing with around 4’000 patients each compared to an average of over 20’000 in England & Wales.

We have started with a basic list of district asylums which can be found under a seperate tab on the exsiting asylum list:

We’ll be working through the pages to add history, photos and any other relevant informaiton.?? We’ve already completed Sunnyside Royal

Details & Photos of both Bellsdyke & Dingleton can be found here too:

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