Ashworth Hospital, Maghull


Hospital Name: Ashworth Hospital
Previous Names: Moss Side Hospital
Principal Architect:?Edward C. H. Maidman
Status: Closed (Original hospital merged with Park Lane Hospital and still operates as a high security hospital)
Opened: 1902
Closed: 1988


External Photos

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Internal Photos

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3 responses to “Ashworth”

  1. Fylde isolation hospital is a completely different hospital. It was at Moss side near Lytham

  2. Hi Geoff

    My name is Simon.

    I am certain that my brother Andrew was here when he was about 17. I remember going to visit when I was very young.

    My mum before she died would just call or refer to it as magull and she didn’t want Andrew to go.

    My brother was Andrew Alan Whitehead .. he would have been there mid 70’s.

    My dad when I challenged him before he died said it was the epeleptic colony magull.

    I remember vividly when we visited big steel doors and a snooker table.

    When Andrew came home.. first think dad did was get a 6 foot snooker table for him.

    How do I find out his records.

    Why exactly he was sent there.

    I have a clue. . When I was young there was a car accident . Involving my dad’s car. I’d like the truth really .

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