Western Counties


Hospital Name:?Royal Western Counties Hospital, Starcross and Langdon sites
Previous Names:?Western Counties Asylum, Royal Western Counties Institution, Langdon Colony
Location: The Strand, Starcross, Devon and Exeter Road, Dawlish Warren, Devon (principal sites)
Principal Architect:?Joseph William Rowell
Layout:?Corridor Plan (Starcross), Colony extension (Langdon)
Status:?Demolished (Starcross), Part Extant (Langdon)
Closed: 1986 (Starcross), Part open (Langdon)


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  1. An evaluation of the Western Counties Idiot’s Asylum (‘Idiot’ was dropped from it’s title in about 1908) can be found here:
    Starcross: Out of the Mainstream by John P Radford and Allison Tipper, published in 1988 by the G Allan Roehrer Institute, York University, Ontario, Canada. William Locke (my gt gt grandfather), one of his sons and a grandson were superintendents from 1874 to 1945. I believe the records of the Institute are now in the medical library of Exeter University.

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