Whitecroft Hospital, Isle of Wight


Hospital Name: Whitecroft Hospital
Previous Names: Isle of Wight County Asylum, Isle of Wight Mental Hospital
Location: Sandy lane, Blackwater, Isle of Wight
Principal Architects: B.S. Jacobs, Ernest Warner, Sydney Gregson
Layout: Compact arrow plan
Status: Converted to housing
Opened: 3rd July 1896
Closed: 1992


External Photos

Internal Photos



5 responses to “Whitecroft”

  1. I believe Alfred Samuel Nelson was a inmate here. He murdered my Cousin Edith Alice Fitt in 1903 but was reprived of the death sentence because of his state of mind he was ex solider who served in South Africa and came back very effected.
    Oddly enough Alfred is also an inlaw relation to me too.
    Ive found many Newspaper clippings of the murder and trial.
    I found an inmate cences of Alfred being at this hospital.

    I appreciate all the photos and details of this website.

    Melita Morgan

  2. My mother was a dental surgeon employed by Isle of Wight County Council and used to carry out dental inspections at Whitecroft for the NHS. This was post 2nd WW up until 1950, when we left the IOW.
    Alastair Morris

  3. My step great grandmother died here in her thirties her name was Elizabeth Frampton, sadly I’ve lost all the info I had is there any records, I can get too.

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