Whittington Hall


Hospital Name:?Whittington Hall Hospital
Previous Names:?National Institutions for Persons Requiring Care and Custody, Whittington Hall Certified Institution
Location:?High Street, New Whittington, Derbyshire
Principal Architect:?George Webster
Layout:?Adapted Plan
Status:?Converted to housing
Closed: 1996


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Internal Photos



5 responses to “Whittington Hall”

  1. Hi,
    My great aunt was a patient from around 1936 – 1972 when she died. Do you have any archives from around that time?

  2. My grandma was in Whittington hall from 1943 -1953 she died in shirebrook manor Mansfield Nottinghamshire . Was she always there .or did she get moved to another home after 1953.

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